Thursday, December 17, 2009

Tammis Keefe, textile designer

I've recently discovered a wonderful textile designer, Tammis Keefe, who was very prolific, from the 1940's til her early death in 1960. Super cool, fun period designs....oh no, another thing to collect!

This calendar towel is the same year I was born, so I had to have it! I'm having it framed in the wonderful muted green, to hang in my kitchen!Yay!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Hot Iron....Cool Art!

In October, I was able to help out again with the OWU Iron Pour; even after I graduated, I tried to assist as often as I could. I am normally the timekeeper; ever since Jon Quick built a new cupola, the iron charges are a bit heavier than I can handle!

Anyway, the weather was perfect this year, and I was able to get 4 molds of my own poured.....I used foam vaporization in green sand. Here are views of the cupola and my molds, smoldering! As soon as I get them cleaned up, I'll be posting pics of the finished products.

I like helping out, it's an exciting process, visceral and elemental. I keep track of the time and charges: when we load a bag of coke (coal) and when we throw in 40lbs of scrap iron, when we tap out, when we've loaded enough TO tap out! I give the heads-up to the ladle team, because if you don't tap out in time, the iron will flow regardless!!

You can see the bright orange flow of the molten metal as it is tapped from the cupola into the ladel....very exciting!

Equestrian Success!!

I know it's been ages, but let's get updated!!

Dear Daughter Ana has been on the College of Wooster Equestrian Team since her freshman year, and this fall participated in her first 2 events!

The first was held at Oberlin College. Ana rode twice in the Beginner category, and got a Fourth Place ribbon on her second ride! Yea!!

The second was held near Akron, the University of which hosted, and Ana got Sixth Place on her first ride, THIRD place on the second!! Woo-hoo!!