Saturday, March 22, 2008

Lucey's Maze: the Acoustic Ladies!

Last night the three ladies from Lucey's Maze played at Espresso Yourself Music Cafe in Powell, Ohio. It's sort of an acoustic version of the group, in that there's no electric guitar, no drums or bass. But we do still use the electric piano, and a pick-up on the harp, and microphones!! Anyway, it's a lovely combo; we still do the original songs that Michelle (center, keyboards) wrote, but it's lighter, more delicate, and you can really hear all the wonderful passages coming from the harp!! (Trista, on the left)

That's me on the right, adding some quiet harmony to Michelle's haunting lyrics.

Stop by the Espresso cafe in Powell sometime; it's a great place, and you might see me there!

Knitter's Scavenger Hunt swap from Debbie: Thank you!

...for my WON-derful package!! These aren't the most fabulous pics, but I am quite enamoured of my Scavenger Hunt gifts!!

First, I got Something Green: a HUGE hank of Cascade Eco-yarn in a yummy fuschia

Somthing Round: one of those clever Clover thread cutters that can go thru customs

Something Local: Scrumptious looking chocolates, including "Icewine" filled Dark Chocolate candy bar....I'm saving that for Sunday, with coffee!

Something "T": A devilishly cute Hello Kitty tote bag!! Perfect for carrying a knitting project around!

Spoiler's Choice: A Wild & Crazy ornament of Animal, from the Muppets, playing drums!! He looks a LOT like me, when I played combo drums in high school!!

and my absolute FAV?? See the little cotton knit fabric bags in black, white & red?? They are eco-ganic cotton, with LITTLE PANTIES printed on them!! OMG!! Love, love, love these!! I know, I know, what a twisted woman, but I can't help it!

Thank you Debbie, SO much, and thank you Carly for organizing everything!

Friday, March 14, 2008

Big Bag KAL progress!

So I have started my Big Bag for the KAL and Swap!! My swappee likes red and blue, and I didn't have any wool in the house suitable, poor me! So I just HAD to go to the LYS Monday, and spent aLOT of money (well, they were having a sale, so I got some stuff for me, and I had to get the Norah Gaughan books 1 & 2, and...)

Anyway, I changed up the stripes pattern a bit, of course that's making counting the rows a challenge [I apparently need a row counter, hint, hint! Any old cheapie one would do!]

That is a 6" aluminum ruler lying on the bag, by the is HUGE!! Using Cascade 220, a 10.5 needle produced a gauge that was just too tight. It felts better if there is a bit of play in the knitting, so I went up to the next size I had on hand, which was a 15 needle. Anyway, it should felt just fine!

I didn't want this to end up too "red, white and blue" patriotic, though, so I remembered these cute little felt flowers. I've got red and light blue, and I'm going to sew them onto the dots after the felting is done, probably with little buttons, or possibly beads.

I think it will be lovely, and I'm about 20 rows from the end, yea!!

Friday, March 7, 2008

Snowy Day!

Well, they've called for early dismissal of the High School, and there's a Level 1 snow emergency for my county. I'm sitting here at work, and of course no one has come in today, they are sensibly staying in out of the cold! I will be leaving shortly to pick up my daughter, and the second assistant who was due at 1pm is still on his way, poor guy; if it had timed out differently, I would have told him not to bother, and just closed early. And of course, tonight is First Friday in downtown, where all the merchants stay open til 9pm, and the museum is taking part for the first time! But I think I will call the student gallery sitter, and tell her to stay in her dorm; mostly because I don't want to have to come back this evening to set the alarms!

These photos are from about Noon; it's still snowing! They are calling for up to 14 inches!

update: Yep, the University closed at know it must be really bad, they hate to do that! I got my daughter from school, and just dropped her off at work, which is across the street. Now if only the gig I've got tonight would reschedule, I'd be set! It's 20 minutes on a good day, up a really steep hill...great for sledding!

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Knitted Kitty!

I signed up for the Ravelry Knitted Kitty swap; of course, I didn't completely understand the instructions. Apparently you sign up indefinately to knit and swap a kitty each and every month!! Luckily, they are small and easy to whip up, otherwise I would be doomed to disappoint someone at some time.

So, here is my first little kitty that I shall mail out tomorrow morning:

Her name is Lucy the Jellicle Cat. I had a lovely rescued jellicle, Tipper, from 9/11/01 (yep, THAT 9/11) until 9/11/05, when she passed away. She was truly a jellicle, for they are rather small, black and white, and like to caterwaul at the moon in the middle of the night! So this little knitted kitty reminds me of Tipper, but of course she is a bit smaller, and not nearly as vocal! I won't tell you who I'm sending it to, but I hope she likes it!

Part of the swap is to include a Birth Certificate with a name and date of birth for your kitty, which I printed up on some nice document paper I had. That was as much fun as knitting the kitty!