Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Hoot the Owl Mittens!

I couldn't show these mittens until after Christmas, or it would ruin the surprise, but I used the basic Norwegian Mitten chart that Hello Yarn makes available, and designed a pair of Owl-y mittens for my daughter! I made these in Jo Sharp DK wool, and they only took 2 days of knitting when she wasn't looking. I think they are adorable!

I hope to have a PDF available soon for download if you want to make them too!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

New Etsy store!

Hey, I finally did it, took the plunge and listed some items on Etsy!

I've had the shop profile for ages, I've bought things, but at last I got the time and courage to list things. I am: quilt7metal on Etsy!

I've got all my spooky goth stuff listed today; Ghost Kitty, Ghost Bunny, Li'l Devil and Skull Scarves!

Check it out, add me to your favorites! (even if you don't buy, add me!!)

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Knitted Felted Rings!

Several months ago I bought a cute pattern for some knitted, felted rings. I tried it over the weekend, but had to do some MAJOR adjustments to get it to work correctly. However, I think the results are great!! I used up some scraps of Cascade 220, Jo Sharp DK and Galway wool. I sewed on real freshwater pearls, mother of pearl, turquoise, and malachite.

Friday, December 12, 2008

MODISH giveaway!

I love the Modish website, and they are having 3 days of great giveaways! Lots of wonderful handmade items, most from Etsy.com sellers (if you've never been to Etsy.com, go NOW! I'll wait!)

There are several ways to enter, but you must do it today!

Have a Pink Christmas!

I have prepared my living room for Christmas with my pretty pink tree! Yay!

Our home's architecture is firmly entrenched in the 1950's, so rather than force it to be anything else, I just gave up and went with it. I have a lovely 5 foot pink tree in the window, but of course I couldn't stop there, so I also have several shorter tinsel trees around the room, as well as other miscellaneous trees spread about. And yes, those ARE paint-by-number paintings on the wall:
NUDES!! My father and grandmother painted those in the 1950's, appropriate, don't you think?? Beside them is a vintage velvet landscape painting, I just loved it and had to have it!

The big Virgin of Guadaloupe was a birthday gift last June; I planned to put it right out front of my house to annoy the neighbors across the street, but for some reason I find it hard to move her!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Crafty goodness!!

Saturday, my friend Andrea hosted another Craft Open House, to allow all of us procrastinators a chance to get together and work on those holiday presents we said we were going to make ourselves! This is the second I've attended.

That's Eva knitting on the left, Lydia in the blue, and my mom next to her. Jennifer and Andrea are working away in the next photo, Jennifer is closest to the camera. Andrea prepared a yummy feast for us...peppermint fudge covered Joe Joes from Trader Joe's, wine, lots of hummus and hot appetizers.

I finished my Squirrel Nut mittens, this is a pattern by Hello Yarn; go to the website, see all the great patterns!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Book Review: Altered Art for the first time!

In my quest to explore craftiness in all its variety, I came across this book, Altered Art for the first time, by Madeline Arendt. Published by Sterling, ISBN 1-4027-1655-9, I gave it to my teenager, who loves to collage and create keepsakes for her friend. So much better than the ordinary scrapbook!

I especially love the suggestion to use children's board books, which come is cool shapes and sizes. They take paint really well, and some have windows already cut into them. Ana used a teeny little book to create a sweet little spiritual book which sits along with our icons and saints.

There are lots of projects, and the author shows you how to alter more than books: gum tins, matchboxes, even playing cards! The color photos throughout are great for jump-starting ideas, even if you don't think you'll do the exact projects! And it's a perfect book to use to finish up last minute gifts for the holidays!