Monday, December 8, 2008

Crafty goodness!!

Saturday, my friend Andrea hosted another Craft Open House, to allow all of us procrastinators a chance to get together and work on those holiday presents we said we were going to make ourselves! This is the second I've attended.

That's Eva knitting on the left, Lydia in the blue, and my mom next to her. Jennifer and Andrea are working away in the next photo, Jennifer is closest to the camera. Andrea prepared a yummy feast for us...peppermint fudge covered Joe Joes from Trader Joe's, wine, lots of hummus and hot appetizers.

I finished my Squirrel Nut mittens, this is a pattern by Hello Yarn; go to the website, see all the great patterns!


Anonymous said...

The mittens look great!

I forgot I wanted to go to Trader Joe's...maybe next time.


magpie said...

Oh wow. I have a friend who would kill for these.

wish i could knit.

theres a funny blog entry about squirrels - too expensive for words - on my blog at

i'm also in the owoh so check it out!

oh, i have to enter for the owls - owls are my mother's thing - you seem to have hit all the i just need a