Sunday, June 17, 2012

Re Vamped Hoosier Cupboard DIY!

My neighbor Mr. P remembered me saying ages ago, that if they ever got rid of their Hoosier cupboard, to let me know....well, a couple weeks ago, he called, and so on my back patio there's a cupboard!

Now, it needed a bit of a re-do, so I washed, sanded, primed and painted it with the help of Dear Daughter & Hubby, and now...Voila! A fresh cupboard in my blue room!

Originally of moderate quality, probably always painted, now super sweet! I ordered jadeite green glass knobs and they got here on the very day we were ready to move it into the house, yay! Dear Daughter "fluffed" it when she got home, so it's all done.

Now, I'm going to paint my OTHER cupboard to fit into the kitchen....I'm thinking red glass knobs this time!

Sunday, June 3, 2012

a little Red Panty for me!

Lately all the Red Panty clothing has been for the shop...even the pieces I made for myself have sold! I did manage to "steal" one away, then promptly got grease on it, so it's ruined, drats!

But last week, I finally had some time to myself, and dug thru my box of thrift store finds for some cool fabrics that spoke to me! Tried out a new style for summer, and now I've got 2 new pieces for me!

I started with a Coldwater Creek linen wrap skirt, in a medium, ha! Green linen with wonderful dark pink roses in a faded out print. Almost despaired of finding something to pair with it, then, Voila! A Chico's linen shirt, also a medium, ha ha, but put them together and I have something great!

I actually tested the fit out on another top for me, from a black printed jumper, not shown here, but it's fun for summer. Straps to allow me to wear a proper bra, because no one wants me without one! Me either, though!

The pink & green number is nearly a dress, although I usually wear shorts or leggings under even in the summer: hate to chafe!