Sunday, June 17, 2012

Re Vamped Hoosier Cupboard DIY!

My neighbor Mr. P remembered me saying ages ago, that if they ever got rid of their Hoosier cupboard, to let me know....well, a couple weeks ago, he called, and so on my back patio there's a cupboard!

Now, it needed a bit of a re-do, so I washed, sanded, primed and painted it with the help of Dear Daughter & Hubby, and now...Voila! A fresh cupboard in my blue room!

Originally of moderate quality, probably always painted, now super sweet! I ordered jadeite green glass knobs and they got here on the very day we were ready to move it into the house, yay! Dear Daughter "fluffed" it when she got home, so it's all done.

Now, I'm going to paint my OTHER cupboard to fit into the kitchen....I'm thinking red glass knobs this time!

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