Friday, July 19, 2013

A thrift shop duvet cover + linen shirt equals.....

Some cute new Gardening Aprons! Just in time for the Scioto Gardens Gardening & Arts Festival!

The reversible duvet cover was just languishing in the Art Barn, black & cream check on one side, toile on the other. A couple of linen shirts for pockets and bias trim, and voila!

I think they turned out really cute, and there are lots of times they would come in handy. I like the full coverage in the front, and the crossover back. I might need one of these when I'm painting or dyeing fabric; I don't like to get messy, and this would be practical!

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Fabric Printing

I finished up all the prepared fabric squares from my QSDS workshop and here's a snippet of what I created!

I did some gingko leaves for my mom, and she's already absconded with them!

I also created some little doors; I've got some nice photos from Italy that I can combine these with, although some are sweet by themselves.

I had a lot of fun creating my own stamp motifs in both positive and negative shapes, and cutting out lots of vinyl stickers to use as resists. Now to create some new quilts!