Friday, May 25, 2012

What?? Ghost Kitties & Devils in a movie??

Yep! That's taken up a good portion of my time lately! Well, that and Dear Daughter's Graduation from College, yippee!
alright, movie talk: I sell my Ghost Kitties on Etsy (love etsy!) and on the evening we got back from DD's graduation, had a message asking if I could make a quantity of L'il Devils and Ghost Kitties to decorate a set for a movie being filmed in Louisiana. My response: uh, YEAH! So, after a day or two working out the details, got the order for 2 dozen assorted!

Of course that meant I had to quickly make 10 Black kitties and 10 L'il Devils. Devils made of fabric that's out of print. So I dyed some, and finished them this morning. UPS'd them to Louisiana, and am hoping I will be told the name of the movie eventually, cause I certainly want to see these guys on the big screen!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

May is for Beginnings and Endings

It's May, and I'm not sure where April went!
The Red Panty trunk show at the City Art Center was a success from my point of view; lots of ladies came to check out the clothing, try it on, and purchases were made!

Trista Hill & I led the First Ladies Night ART evening at the We had 6 participants, and through centering, expressive movement, drawing and observation exercises, opened up our creativity! Trista & I will lead another Ladies Night ART on Friday, May 25th, so don't miss it!

Over the weekend, I spent 2 days at the College of Wooster; Friday was IS presentation day, and of course Ana was fabulous! She's so natural, you don't even realize she's reading from her notes. Then Sunday the Equestrian Team had its first ever Rodeo, featuring dressage, hunt seat, all types of stirring horse & rider drills set to wonderful music. The Western riders gave a calf roping demo, and Ana was the first to snag hers! She looked so good! I didn't get to take a single picture myself, since I was the announcer reading the script that gave the riders' bios, horse information, etc. But it was a gorgeous day, and a lot of fun!

What's up next? Well, in the next 14 days, I'll hang 2 quilt shows at work, dismantle the senior art show on graduation day at OWU, see my beloved daughter graduate from Wooster (her father is wearing full Scottish dress, Prince Charlie jacket, Wallace plaid kilt!), move said daughter back home for good (for awhile), give a talk about my art quilts to a big guild in Columbus that I used to belong to, enjoy First Friday in Delaware, try to clean, organize, sort and get rid of some stuff around the homestead. In the meantime, still trying to exercise my thumb and get it fully recovered....I had no idea it would be such a slow process. It is, however, better than BEFORE the surgery, so I don't regret it. Apparently, I am old and do not bounce back from things like I used to!