Friday, May 25, 2012

What?? Ghost Kitties & Devils in a movie??

Yep! That's taken up a good portion of my time lately! Well, that and Dear Daughter's Graduation from College, yippee!
alright, movie talk: I sell my Ghost Kitties on Etsy (love etsy!) and on the evening we got back from DD's graduation, had a message asking if I could make a quantity of L'il Devils and Ghost Kitties to decorate a set for a movie being filmed in Louisiana. My response: uh, YEAH! So, after a day or two working out the details, got the order for 2 dozen assorted!

Of course that meant I had to quickly make 10 Black kitties and 10 L'il Devils. Devils made of fabric that's out of print. So I dyed some, and finished them this morning. UPS'd them to Louisiana, and am hoping I will be told the name of the movie eventually, cause I certainly want to see these guys on the big screen!

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Trista Hill said...

SOOOOO awesome, and cute!! I can't wait to hear what movie this is, too! They look amazing, as always!