Friday, April 26, 2013

New plush Pattern Results!

So last week I shared my thrift shop score of cashmere sweaters, and the new patterns for soft toys that I'm working saw the sad little "skins" laying on my worktable, ready to be stuffed and embellished!

Here they are! a lovely argyle Owl.....

a sweet little pale blue Lamb!! (I like his little gray face, don't ewe?)

and HERE is what happens when you use a ribbed sweater to try and make a lamb...the stretch is out of balance! I was so disappointed, and also it cracked me up, but I think it looks like a pink hammerhead shark! I debated just pulling the stuffing out and tossing the thing, but it's grown on me...I'm going to make a little shark face!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Working and loving it!

Busy working in the gorgeous studio.....I have a pile of cashmere sweaters from the thrift shop all washed and ready!

See the pile? so pretty!

I'm scheduled to do some arts & crafts type festivals this May & July, so I'm concentrating right now on increasing my inventory of super-soft and cuddly Kashmere Kitties....not only are they cute, but they're environmentally-friendly!

See the cut & sewn up "skins" that I made next?? They look a little creepy and forlorn like that, I know.

I've also drafted NEW patterns for cashmere plushness! I've got a pattern that doubles as either a lamb or a puppy (see the pink & blue skins lower left) and I re-patterned an Owl, mostly for Dear Daughter. That will be the argyle "skin" on the bottom right!

Stay tuned, I'll post pics as I get them all stuffed and pretty!