Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Oooohhhh.....so full!

So much food!

So many presents!

So much fun!

Big piles of wrapping paper, family surrounded by their toys, Spook looking a bit dazed and confused, the AWESOME steampunk gun Dear Daughter MADE me! (nerf gun, painted and embellished, SUPER COOL!)

All the presents I was making got finished in the nick of time (I wrecked my sewing machine on the last one!) I made a few more Etsy sales, very exciting! Dear Daughter & I have been watching marathon TV for 5 days; Hoarders, What Not to Wear, Extreme Couponing; all the stuff I won't watch when she's gone.

Looking forward to a couple of days straightening up and cleaning out, to welcome in the New Year!

Monday, December 19, 2011

Etsy Shop Expanding

With the news that Go Figure Consignment would be closing at the end of the year, I was understandably worried about what to do with all my Red Panty clothing inventory. So I've been listing it in my Etsy shop, 4 pieces last Thursday, 6 pieces yesterday.

I've already sold 3 pieces to one lucky lady, so this will hopefully bring added momentum to both my shop and myself! I need to move this stuff, people! I must make room for new pieces of spring fashion, and my rack in the studio is full to bursting right now.

Selling something to someone who likes it is definitely a motivator; I want to get in there and make lots of new stuff! Although right now, it's all about the Christmas presents I have to make....lots of them!

So try to find some peace during this holiday season, and I'll post pics of all the gifties being created in the barn!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Christmas Kitty!

Snapple, who says she's invisible because she's hiding behind the tree!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Handmade Holiday Pledge 2011

Handmade Holiday Pledge 2011

I am pledging that at least 50% of my gifts this year will be handmade, either by me or some other amazing artist! Oh, and I'm hoping that MY work will be snatched up by others to keep the handmade holiday going strong!

Lots of ready-to-ship goodies at the Etsy Shop!

The year comes to a close

It's rainy again (or is that still?) I'm busy at the museum (which is good) and I'm trying to get the house decorated for Christmas and the holidays. I've got the green tree up and decorated, the pink tree up without decorations. I've unpacked lots of other little trees, and stored some of the normal objects I surround myself with, to make room for glittering little cardboard houses and manger scenes.

I feel like I'm on a roller coaster, though, with lots of exciting things, and lots of worrisome things hitting me from all sides.

Exciting: gave a presentation to the Delaware Artist Guild about my Red Panty clothing, learned to use Powerpoint for said presentation, got paid and sold a piece at presentation, sold another item on Etsy, have many many MANY gifts to be sewn before Christmas, started using Pinterest which is a really fun site to collect things from around the web into 1 place, wrestling a teensy bit of responsibility for scheduling from my control-freak boss, preparing for a show of my work in Newark, anticipating a lovely Christmas break at home with beloved daughter, family, friends, etc.

Worrisome: losing Go Figure as a retail outlet for the Red Panty Clothing, worrying about Sherri from Go Figure who is closing due to some health concerns, have many many MANY gifts to be sewn before Christmas, responsibility for scheduling the Library gallery, preparing for a show of my work in Newark, a long Christmas break with no work and no paycheck, beloved daughter in her final week of projects and papers and exams as she struggles to keep it together. sigh!

I am trying to maintain an attitude of open, willing, and wide-eyed wonder through this month, and keep casting around for alternatives, opportunities and possibilities. The whole "closes a door, opens a window" type of viewpoint. I'm looking for outlets for my art, my clothing, my friendship, my energy. I know I will find them.

Sometimes we become so comfortable where we are, we stop looking ahead to the next great thing, and are taken by surprise when things change. As they always do. ALWAYS!

I flipped through my notebook last week, which serves as a sort of journal for me. I don't sketch, I don't do dairy entries, but I make lists. LOTS of them! I stumbled upon a list I made last January, of blessings to be thankful for in the new year. I can still count them all! Under my "plans" for 2011, I did cross a few off. The few I didn't cross off, I guess I'll just use first in my new list for next year.

So I continue to gather up images, ideas, contacts and entry forms, and make lists of all the possibilities. And I continue to be thankful for all my blessings, which includes every single friend!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Ana placing third!

Ana placing third! a video by wallacetammy41 on Flickr.

The first Saturday in November was the first Equestrian event for the College of Wooster's Western team this semester. Up in the beautiful University of Findlay's facilities. This was Ana's first ride of the day!

Friday, October 28, 2011

Kreepy Kandy Korn and Kashmere Kuties

I hate wasting scraps of fabrics, and since I had nice chunks of cashmere sweater left after the Kashmere Kitties, dear daughter suggested making little owls with the scraps! I think they're adorable; of course she went back to school with the first 2 I finished. I'll be listing them in the Etsy shop later today.

Craft Magazine had a super cute pattern last week, so I had to knit it up, and it was super easy and quick: Killer Kandy Korn! They have lots of cools ideas every day, and I was thrilled to find something so quick and easy to knit up from bits of yarn I already had, yay!

Friday, October 21, 2011

Halloween Owl Mittens

Finished these, finally! Found them in the art barn, 1 mitten needing a thumb, the other just needed the tip of the top + thumb.

Took them to the Beehive Knitting group last week, and the results of 2 hours? Had to rip it out 3 times! Argh!

But, now they're finished, and just in time for Halloween fun! yay! My own charted design based on the Hello Knitty basic mitten template, and I thought I'd try to figure out how to make it a free download. So other people can join in the fun!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Kashmere Kitties are here!

I've fondled the 100% cashmere sweaters at the thrift shop so often, only to be disappointed by a hole (or two!) or the wrong size, or any number of reasons. Well, as I am a very tactile person, I finally thought of a re-use for those super-soft sweaters: Kashmere Kitties!

I used my Ghost Kitty pattern, and after a HOT wash and dry, cut out some kitties in cashmere....oh MY they are soft!

I've listed the first batch in my Etsy shop, and dear daughter has already demanded one of the first black ones as I finish them. Still tricky for me, the hand-sewing. Handling scissors is sooooo painful. But they're just so cute!

OH....also got to re-name my Etsy shop this week! Now it reflects where I am at this time of my life: Red Panty Designs! yay!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Pattern Play

Trying something new; I really like the Ghost Kitties that I offer in my etsy shop, but right now, my thumb is so hurtful it's difficult to do the handsewing.

SOOOooo, I've made a pattern to sell! Ghost Kitty can now go out and haunt the whole wide world! I've done a pdf file that I can email to a buyer, so they'll get it almost instantly depending on how close I am to my computer. It's hand drawn, with typed out instructions. Not as super fancy as a commercial pattern, but hey, I'm not commercial!

I also give permission for the buyer to make as many as they like, and sell them for cash money, as long as they don't sell them on line. Make them for craft bazaar, or whatever, just please don't compete with me online! I thought that was fair. And no copying the pattern and passing it out, either.

Really hoping to generate a bit more business, and trying to set Ghost Kitty loose!

Monday, September 26, 2011

Vintage Becky M: Memories

I got an Etsy buddy for the holidays! I signed up for the Etsy bootcamp, to work on my shop and promote myself for the holidays. They give you a To Do list, a buddy to kick you into gear, so I'm looking around for a model here in town so I can do new photos for my clothing.

check out Vintage Becky, her shop is pretty cool! She's also got a sweet Blog! Gotta support my Buddy!

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Yep, it's my gray hair!

with a sassy fringe of purple bangs.....that's all my natural color (or lack of it) finally, after getting it trimmed for the past 4 months. It took me 2 months to accept myself in the mirror, but now I'm loving it, so much less upkeep, no disparaging looks when I let the roots go untouched for too long, it's just hair! and if i want to add a pop of color, no bleaching first!

Friday, August 26, 2011

It can't be the end of the summer yet!

There are SOOoooo many projects and trips and books and movies I haven't caught up with.

Tomorrow, I take dear daughter back to college for her Senior Year....wow! Incredible how quickly it's gone, and how much she's accomplished so far.

She did help me paint another room in the new house (can I still call it new after the first year?) A lovely blue, "Aqua Spray", and I'm still putting final touches on the decor, but I already think the room looks larger, more open and airy.

So many entries creeping their way in to my fall calendar now; receptions and meetings and work, musical events of my own and my friends. Lots and lots of Art Barn activity on the agenda, too: must create new art quilts for my upcoming exhibit in Newark; must create the fall Red Panty clothes...I think we'll aim to do the live mannequins in the window again, on a Gallery Hop night. It was a lot of fun in July!

Must keep up with the exercise, since it really helped get me in better shape over the summer. Although, I won't be hiking in boots and backpack in sweltering heat anymore. All that digging and sifting with Dear Daughter did help me lose a bit of weight, though; I've got to take in nearly every pair of pants and shorts I own. I've walked to work a few days already, but unfortunately, I have to carry extra clothes, as I do not arrive as fresh as I'd like.

Must create a new Equestrian shirt for Dear Daughter, for her final year of riding. More sparkles, I think. Maybe with a touch of the Wooster plaid.

Looking for a good bruschetta recipe to use up the bumper crop of Roma tomatoes I've got....planted them in topsoil bags, and they've been staked and double-staked, and are still falling over, they're so laden with goodness! Sadly, the basil-flavored olive oil I put up MOLDED over. So had to dump it....and I've used nearly every drop that I made last year....maybe I'll do pesto with the rest of my basil, and freeze it. I love the summery taste!

And still trying to keep up with family and friends who deserve more attention than I've been giving them lately....I need to make more lists (there's that OCD again!)

Friday, July 22, 2011

Live Mannequins wear Red Panties!

Because it's so HOT outside and so super COOL at Go Figure!

Last night was a Block Party for the businesses in the Short North between 1st & 2nd, and I worked hard to deliver a dozen new pieces to Sherri. We asked some of our beautiful friends to model, and although the original plan was to have them strut their stuff down the sidewalk and visit the other businesses, it was just too unbearable outside. So, out popped the window displays and up popped our live mannequins! They were adorable!

Lots of friends stopped by, including my Mom showing off her very own Red Panty creation (Christmas gift). Sherri & I would definitely like to do the window models again; the passers-by were delighted! As were the bus riders as they stopped at the light!

You can check out a couple very short Videos on the Red Panty Designs page on Facebook, or down this blog, through my Flickr page!

I'm hoping to take a breath or two now, before I start the next couple of projects I'd like to work on, before the Museum opens again in August (which is only about a week away, what's up with that??)

I've also been doing a little more personal, spiritual, preparation...trying to stay positive, thankful, humble, open, grateful, awestruck, and working on being more giving, forgiving, forthcoming and generous in every way. Those of you who know me personally know what a tall order that is for me, because I am not normally a nice person! But hey, change happens every day!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

A Day of Rest

Ana declared today a rest day, no hiking or digging! So I ventured out to the Art Barn for the first time in 3 weeks, and whipped up 2 Raglan tops that I'd cut out earlier, and took some photos of the new Yo-Yo necklaces!

Here's Ana in one of the new tops; She's so pretty! She helped me re-discover some good thrift shop finds in the Barn that I'll be recycling soon.

Here are the new necklaces; I'm very torn, should I list these on Etsy or hold them for the Block Party in July?? Go Figure Consignment and the other businesses on the block have been feeling like the ugly stepsister of the Short North lately. Even though they're all members, they never get featured and events never seem to make it all the way north to them. And they're really not that far! So July 21st they're having a block party, staying open late, and we'll have some Red Panty Models roaming the block in new fashions! Yay!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Bugs, dirt and Chert!

or...How I spent my summer vacation!! Helping dear daughter with her approved excavation at a Metro Park!

Last week we spend 3 days hiking to and from the site, doing soil probes, sticking little orange flags in the ground at promising places.

Today, one of the park rangers gave us a lift in the pickup, helping get our equipment VERY close to the site! We still had to slog it over extremely wooded terrain, til I nearly thought I should just give up! But we're starting at an interior point, and we got the 2-meter square pegged, cleared, and started digging!! Well, scraping, really! and guess what?? We've already found artifacts! Yes!!!

Little flakes of chert, commonly called flint, that show signs of being worked! Here's Ana bagging & tagging her first find! Check out the close up photos over on HER blog, Ana's Geoarchaeology Journey!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

More uses for Yo-Yo's!

Much as I enjoy making pretty yo-yo headbands, I wondered if there wasn't something else I could do with them! and the answer is....YES!

I made 2 sample necklaces and took them down to Go Figure yesterday with the new tops, and Sherri was still wearing the green one when I left! I guess I'll be making more, and also listing them soon on Etsy!

Monday, May 23, 2011

I'm a travelling Gal!

This week is a busy one; took Dear Daughter to Wooster today to pick up equipment for her archaeological dig which starts THURSDAY!!! YAY!!

Tomorrow I go to Newark to interview for an exhibit of my quilts at a lovely new art space....wish me luck!

Wednesday I buzz to the Short North to see Sherri at Go Figure, and I'm taking a few new items that I just finished today. I love the raglan pattern, it's so comfortable, very flattering!

Where are You going this week??

Friday, May 13, 2011

Careful what you wish for!

....because you might get it with a vengeance! Was it a mere 7 days ago I was bemoaning the constant rain? Now what do we have....muggy, super warm, no relieving rain yet! Oh well!

On the other hand, I HAVE received blessings on the financial side! I made another sale on Etsy, and completed a commissioned Red Panty top, too! My ebay selling has stayed solid, and my spirits are up, hoping to avoid the greeter job at Walmart!

I'm inspired to work again in the Art Barn, making more Red Panty tops for both the Etsy shop and Go Figure Consignment in the Short North. Sherrie and I have an appointment set to talk about another Fashion Show....we need a bigger Venue! and that's the tough part.

I've found some fun skirts at the thrift recently and can't wait to rip 'em apart for something new.

What are YOU having fun with?

Friday, May 6, 2011

Working for a living

ugh, after a lovely Thursday, and a promising start to today, it's raining again! It could definitely be worse; there are so many counties under flood watches and warnings, and I'm dry for the moment!

This month is starting off well; I'll be working every single day for the next 2 weeks, which means extra hours in the paycheck before the museum closes for the summer and I start to panic about how I'm going to pay my bills. I think I will have enough to pay my bills through June without having to start a summer job!

On the plus side, my ebay sales are improving: I find the more items I have listed at a time, the better I usually sell. Also, I started raising my prices a bit last month, and do you know, I think I'm selling more? Maybe it is all about perceived value; I've heard craftsmen selling at festivals say that when they raise prices, they sometimes sell more. If something is priced too low, people think it must be subpar.

Also, I sold a Red Panty top yesterday on Etsy; I feel giddy with happiness! I think my clothing are a hard on-line sell; they are all so individual, so unique, and half the pleasure comes in trying them on and seeing how they feel on your own body. So for some in Maine to take a leap of faith and purchase one of my tops really makes me feel great and nervous at the same time. Hoping they like it when it arrives!

In honor of the rain, I snapped some pics of the retaining wall behind the museum; the moss and lichen fairly glow in the drizzle, and I just think it so beautiful!

Monday, May 2, 2011

New recycled Top for ME!

I realize I've got oodles of sewing to do for my Red Panty Line, tops that are cut out and just waiting to be brought to life. However, I wasted away Sunday and realized that I needed a new top just for ME!

So I combined a big shapeless linen dress and a graphic t shirt, and came up with this!

I really love it, the linen is a sort of gold color, and the pretty lady on the T shirt needed a new home.

Now maybe I can get back to work on RP stuff. And yes, that is a new haircut.....I'm cutting out the color, and going to my natural gray....that way the Purple dye will look every so much more shocking!

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Logos and Labels

Thank goodness when I hired an internet designer to create the Red Panty Designs logo years ago, I thought to pay her to own the Copyright for the design!

I ordered my Hang Tags and Clothing Labels from her, but the last time I tried, she's apparently closed her business. I had, however, paid her for the copyright to the design, so that I could use it myself however I wished and not have to pay her for usage each time!

So, here's my first try at printing out some Clothing labels myself. Not nearly as nice as the ones she did for me, but nice and servicable!

Monday, April 11, 2011

I think Spring has Sprung!

I can see pink and green buds all over the place! and I finally saw some forsythia blooming here in town.....yay!

It looks like spring in the Art Barn, too: I finished a dozen yo-yo headbands, more of the Ruffle tops, and this pretty green Raglan top....I was VERY tempted to keep it for myself! I found a top and pants from the Willow label at the thrift, they're linen, and the pants had these pockets near the hemline. Add some nice black knit for sleeves, and voila!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Spring 2011 - It's Here!

Yay! I know, it's been so long, maybe I forgot to post to my blog? I've just been busy sewing my fingers to the bone! I've got a new style for 2011 (actually, I've featured it earlier, but I'm doing it again) and some pretty spring colors, too!

Here are a couple of the spirit-lifting colors. I'm doing these in 3 sizes, too, so everyone gets to have fun.

Here's Sherri at Go Figure Consignment, when I dropped off a fresh batch....she's modelling the new Raglan styled top, recycled from a thrifted skirt. I don't think she's going to take it off, either!

Tonight I'm watching South Park and hand sewing some scrap yo-yo headbands for the shop.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Spreading the word about ReCycling, RePurposing!

Oooo, I have a group of Home Ec teachers and students planning a Studio Visit to see what I do! I feel so semi-professional.....of course you realize, this means I must straighten up and get prepared!

I've offered to take them thru my "process".....I'll show them my pile of thrift shop finds, how I prepare them for re-purposing, layout and cutting out my patterns, and show them some finished samples. Then take them all to the big Goodwill store so they can plan their own!! Yay! spreading the word about re-cycling!

I feel like a real, downtown designer!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Spoke too soon!

I should have known I'd jinx myself on Monday! Not only has it rained for 2 days, now it's supposed to snow like the dickens tonight!

Well, here is the new tunic top I finished Monday; I made myself a longer version to wear as a dress.