Thursday, October 6, 2011

Pattern Play

Trying something new; I really like the Ghost Kitties that I offer in my etsy shop, but right now, my thumb is so hurtful it's difficult to do the handsewing.

SOOOooo, I've made a pattern to sell! Ghost Kitty can now go out and haunt the whole wide world! I've done a pdf file that I can email to a buyer, so they'll get it almost instantly depending on how close I am to my computer. It's hand drawn, with typed out instructions. Not as super fancy as a commercial pattern, but hey, I'm not commercial!

I also give permission for the buyer to make as many as they like, and sell them for cash money, as long as they don't sell them on line. Make them for craft bazaar, or whatever, just please don't compete with me online! I thought that was fair. And no copying the pattern and passing it out, either.

Really hoping to generate a bit more business, and trying to set Ghost Kitty loose!

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whit.and.drew said...

Hooray! I can't believe it's time for Ghost Kitties again!