Sunday, February 5, 2012

Great Weekend!

Even though I came home early Friday sick from work, went straight to bed for 17 hours sleep, and was shaky all Saturday, it was a blast!

First, performed at MacConnell Arts Center in Worthington with Honk, Wail, and Moan. We opened for Planet D NoNet from Detroit, another Sun Ra inspired group. At the end, both groups TOOK the stage, and played together, and THEN I joined them for the very last tune, Love in Outer Space!

After the applause, hubby & I dashed to the Short North and 83 Gallery to see the opening of this month's show, where I'm one of the featured artists. Lots of people, a blue grass band playing, and my work looked great, although there was a lot of really killer art there.

That's baby brother Mike and girlfriend Cathy checking out the exhibit, and Hubby on the bench, watching my coat!

A little more resting Sunday, then Monday I drive to Flint, Michigan to pick up art for the museum; we're switching shows again, people!