Sunday, December 26, 2010

It's a Trilobite Christmas!

or, how to please your geology-archaeology double major daughter!

So, I knitted her a hat with trilobites on it. AND I knitted 3 little trilobite specimens. AND I made some felt beanbag toys with trilobites and brachiopod fossils on them!

I think she liked them!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Christmas trees everywhere!

Yes, I have begun putting up the multiple trees in the house, and I've gotten the biggest ones up.

There's the pretty pink one in the front room (do you see the kitty sleeping on the couch??) accompanied by the new wreath that dear daughter made me....that's a Godiva box decoration in the middle!

There's the green tree in the center room....we've perched it on the concrete and stone pad where the pellet stove was. We gave that to the guy who put in our air conditioning, but the pad is even heavier and will require a jack hammer to remove. So, for now, it makes a nice tree stand!

I still need to figure out new tree skirts, and all the little trees need to come out of their boxes, but it's a start! I think I like the green tree the best; daughter and I re-did the decorations last year when the house we were living in was on the holiday home tour. I'm sure there are older posts to show that.

Is your tree up yet?