Friday, October 28, 2011

Kreepy Kandy Korn and Kashmere Kuties

I hate wasting scraps of fabrics, and since I had nice chunks of cashmere sweater left after the Kashmere Kitties, dear daughter suggested making little owls with the scraps! I think they're adorable; of course she went back to school with the first 2 I finished. I'll be listing them in the Etsy shop later today.

Craft Magazine had a super cute pattern last week, so I had to knit it up, and it was super easy and quick: Killer Kandy Korn! They have lots of cools ideas every day, and I was thrilled to find something so quick and easy to knit up from bits of yarn I already had, yay!

Friday, October 21, 2011

Halloween Owl Mittens

Finished these, finally! Found them in the art barn, 1 mitten needing a thumb, the other just needed the tip of the top + thumb.

Took them to the Beehive Knitting group last week, and the results of 2 hours? Had to rip it out 3 times! Argh!

But, now they're finished, and just in time for Halloween fun! yay! My own charted design based on the Hello Knitty basic mitten template, and I thought I'd try to figure out how to make it a free download. So other people can join in the fun!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Kashmere Kitties are here!

I've fondled the 100% cashmere sweaters at the thrift shop so often, only to be disappointed by a hole (or two!) or the wrong size, or any number of reasons. Well, as I am a very tactile person, I finally thought of a re-use for those super-soft sweaters: Kashmere Kitties!

I used my Ghost Kitty pattern, and after a HOT wash and dry, cut out some kitties in cashmere....oh MY they are soft!

I've listed the first batch in my Etsy shop, and dear daughter has already demanded one of the first black ones as I finish them. Still tricky for me, the hand-sewing. Handling scissors is sooooo painful. But they're just so cute!

OH....also got to re-name my Etsy shop this week! Now it reflects where I am at this time of my life: Red Panty Designs! yay!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Pattern Play

Trying something new; I really like the Ghost Kitties that I offer in my etsy shop, but right now, my thumb is so hurtful it's difficult to do the handsewing.

SOOOooo, I've made a pattern to sell! Ghost Kitty can now go out and haunt the whole wide world! I've done a pdf file that I can email to a buyer, so they'll get it almost instantly depending on how close I am to my computer. It's hand drawn, with typed out instructions. Not as super fancy as a commercial pattern, but hey, I'm not commercial!

I also give permission for the buyer to make as many as they like, and sell them for cash money, as long as they don't sell them on line. Make them for craft bazaar, or whatever, just please don't compete with me online! I thought that was fair. And no copying the pattern and passing it out, either.

Really hoping to generate a bit more business, and trying to set Ghost Kitty loose!