Friday, January 24, 2014

Pinterest WIN!

Yay! I love Pinterest, it has certainly lightened up my hard drive! I used to have an enormous bookmark list, and tons of random images in file folders, but no way to match them up and backtrack. Then Pinterest!

I am fascinated, though, by the sites out there with Pinterest "fails"....lord knows I've got my own share of those! But I do have a "win" to share: re-growing veggies!

I love romaine lettuce, esp the heads, rather than pre-torn salad bags. Snapple the kitty likes it too, she gets the wilty dark tips. So after pinning tips on re-growing produce yourself, I set the end of a bunch of romaine in a recycled lunchmeat container with a bit of water, and in 1 week: Voila!

All that growth is in a week; I chopped it off with a knife, straight across! I think it's pretty awesome, and so far Snapple hasn't discovered it, or she'd be nibbling on it while I'm at work. I love seeing those cute little leaves!

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

First projects for '14

Oh, I had such plans for the Christmas break! I did finish up some presents, and am still working on a few more (thank goodness my family all understand the madness that is handmade!)

But I spent some time this past weekend in the Art Barn, and did accomplish a few things. I took apart a teeny little Talbots linen top, and now have 71 (yep, seventy-one) lovely pale coral "jewels" that I can use to embellish something new. I cut & sewed up 10 feet of linen bias binding, so that's all ready to go. And I still have some of the fabric left, to piece into a new creation. I'm thinking I'll probably use some of the jewels on something for the Dear Daughter, as she really likes and looks really lovely in that shade. It's always nice to have bias binding ready to use, in lots of colors, and when's the last time you saw linen binding? I think not ever in the big box stores!

I also whipped up something for myself, because I just really needed to....a long raglan style top, with gray cashmere sweater sleeves and a man's fancy dress shirt for the body. Both were from the thrift store, and cost less than $7.00 total! The shirt was really cool; silvery gray, french cuffs and the front placket was meant for studs, but it came with the button tape that I just left in there. The best thing is the print: little champagne glasses, and the bubbles coming out of it are part of the year "2000"....obviously a New Year's Eve shirt for the millennium. The fabric is a jacquard, so the reverse is just as fun as the right side. I used the entire shirt, the sleeves are the darker panels in the back. I've since finished off the neckline edge, and it's ready to wear!