Friday, January 24, 2014

Pinterest WIN!

Yay! I love Pinterest, it has certainly lightened up my hard drive! I used to have an enormous bookmark list, and tons of random images in file folders, but no way to match them up and backtrack. Then Pinterest!

I am fascinated, though, by the sites out there with Pinterest "fails"....lord knows I've got my own share of those! But I do have a "win" to share: re-growing veggies!

I love romaine lettuce, esp the heads, rather than pre-torn salad bags. Snapple the kitty likes it too, she gets the wilty dark tips. So after pinning tips on re-growing produce yourself, I set the end of a bunch of romaine in a recycled lunchmeat container with a bit of water, and in 1 week: Voila!

All that growth is in a week; I chopped it off with a knife, straight across! I think it's pretty awesome, and so far Snapple hasn't discovered it, or she'd be nibbling on it while I'm at work. I love seeing those cute little leaves!

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