Wednesday, June 29, 2011

A Day of Rest

Ana declared today a rest day, no hiking or digging! So I ventured out to the Art Barn for the first time in 3 weeks, and whipped up 2 Raglan tops that I'd cut out earlier, and took some photos of the new Yo-Yo necklaces!

Here's Ana in one of the new tops; She's so pretty! She helped me re-discover some good thrift shop finds in the Barn that I'll be recycling soon.

Here are the new necklaces; I'm very torn, should I list these on Etsy or hold them for the Block Party in July?? Go Figure Consignment and the other businesses on the block have been feeling like the ugly stepsister of the Short North lately. Even though they're all members, they never get featured and events never seem to make it all the way north to them. And they're really not that far! So July 21st they're having a block party, staying open late, and we'll have some Red Panty Models roaming the block in new fashions! Yay!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Bugs, dirt and Chert!

or...How I spent my summer vacation!! Helping dear daughter with her approved excavation at a Metro Park!

Last week we spend 3 days hiking to and from the site, doing soil probes, sticking little orange flags in the ground at promising places.

Today, one of the park rangers gave us a lift in the pickup, helping get our equipment VERY close to the site! We still had to slog it over extremely wooded terrain, til I nearly thought I should just give up! But we're starting at an interior point, and we got the 2-meter square pegged, cleared, and started digging!! Well, scraping, really! and guess what?? We've already found artifacts! Yes!!!

Little flakes of chert, commonly called flint, that show signs of being worked! Here's Ana bagging & tagging her first find! Check out the close up photos over on HER blog, Ana's Geoarchaeology Journey!