Saturday, April 25, 2009

Spring Collection of Red Panty Clothing!!

It's that time again! The Spring clothing from the Red Panty line will be out!

There is a NEW shop carrying the R.P. label; Go Figure Consignment in the Short North area of Columbus! The shop is open now, but the lovely Sherri, who owns it, will have her Grand Opening this Saturday, May 2nd during the Gallery Hop. I'll be there for a bit, too, and hope to see if anyone likes the line!

Closer to home, the wonderful Linda at Corner Framing Gallery here in Delaware will host the newest pieces for the Delaware Arts Festival on May 16th and 17th.

In June, Go Figure will get the latest Summer pieces, so it makes sense to check back in!

Here's a sneak peek at another new top I have just finished!

The cute floral skirt had the wide green trim at the hemline, so I cut bias from a lime green linen shirt that I used for the back, and trimmed out the neckline and armholes. And a scrap from the skirt adds a pocket in the back! Voila!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

I do love simple patchwork!

I've been cutting 4" squares from the bitty pieces of scraps left when I cut out my recycled clothing, and sewing them together to make more tote bags(see previous posts)

I've got these 3 pieces ready; I want to get a few more sewn up so I can do a whole batch at one time, but I think you can probably pick out some fabrics and match them up to photos of the new Red Panty clothing from the last few posts!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Yay! my First Red Panty Etsy sale!

I'm so excited....I woke this morning to find that the Appletini Top had sold on Etsy! Very thrilling, although now I will bite my nails until the lovely person who purchased it has received it, and told me if she's happy with it. What a great Easter gift! This weekend has been very positive! My baby brother Michael came to my gig with Lucey's Maze last night and brought his girlfriend and work friends, and guess what?? The work friends thought I was the youngest! What a hoot - I'm 9 years older than Michael! It tickles me, and of course is a huge ego boost!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

New Red Panty business cards!

Aren't they cute?? I love them...and I have Postcards to match! Now I can keep everyone posted as to where, when, etc!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Red Panty Designs - new Spring clothing!

[click on the pictures to see them bigger and close-up!]

I promised to show you some of the new pieces I'm working on for the Spring collection of Red Panty Designs, so I snapped a few quick pictures of the first finished tops.

I found a great embroidered tablecloth at the thrift store, and was able to cut 2 tops from it. The straight pins mark a few little yellow spots, as so many vintage fabrics have. I plan on appliqueing over them with extra scraps of embroidery from the tablecloth, so it will be all good!

I also found several rayon batik sarongs, and I always feel a little silly trying to pull that look off, but I think they work great as tops! The super assymmetrical one is bright orange and the other is bright pink.

My favorite so far is this last one; it started out as a pair of J Jill linen pants and a nice linen print skirt. The skirt had a great bias ruffle at the bottom, and I salvaged some scraps to add the applique on the front. The bias really makes this swing!