Friday, April 3, 2009

Red Panty Designs - new Spring clothing!

[click on the pictures to see them bigger and close-up!]

I promised to show you some of the new pieces I'm working on for the Spring collection of Red Panty Designs, so I snapped a few quick pictures of the first finished tops.

I found a great embroidered tablecloth at the thrift store, and was able to cut 2 tops from it. The straight pins mark a few little yellow spots, as so many vintage fabrics have. I plan on appliqueing over them with extra scraps of embroidery from the tablecloth, so it will be all good!

I also found several rayon batik sarongs, and I always feel a little silly trying to pull that look off, but I think they work great as tops! The super assymmetrical one is bright orange and the other is bright pink.

My favorite so far is this last one; it started out as a pair of J Jill linen pants and a nice linen print skirt. The skirt had a great bias ruffle at the bottom, and I salvaged some scraps to add the applique on the front. The bias really makes this swing!

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knitting-cat said...

Nice job. I think you are getting better with each one!