Tuesday, March 23, 2010

featured in a Gallery on Flickr!

I like to check my Flickr pages occasionally, see who might admire my photos (can't help it, I'm vain!) and I found one of my pieces has been added to someone's gallery! Cool!

Flickr now has a feature where you can create a gallery of photos from different users. There's usually a theme to it, but it's pretty fun! Mine was featured here: handromeda

They used a shot of my spiral staircase quilt! I feel so famous!

A House, a Home!

We are in contract! We will have a house soon!

Hubby & I have been together 27 years, living together 25, renting all that time. But no more! We are in contract for a sweet house here in town!

It is set up with a space on the first floor so that in the event his dad comes to live with us, the only accommodation we'll need to make it switching out a tub for a shower, and perhaps a little ramp to the back door.

Sweet picket fencing, and can you see, there are TWO garages!! One for 2 cars, and another BIG one, can you say workshop?? That one is heated for comfort in the winter. These face the alley out back.

When hubby & I went on the 3rd look-at, we took daughter along, too. It was nice, because the 4 feet of snow had finally melted and we could actually see what lay beneath. In the back, there is a curious hill of earth, which Ana & I quickly dubbed the ancient burial mound, but which apparently had a water feature at one point, and now is extra dirt to use. Ana & I found an awesome stele of stone at the nursery store, with a cleft in it for water to gurgle down. Perfect, we'll create our own henge!

There is a lovely landing at the top of the stairs; that door leads to a balcony!

I can't wait to make this our own, make it into a home!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Tempus Marches On!

Well, I'm not sure where the Tempus/time has gone, but here it is, St. Patrick's Day, the middle of March! We've passed the Ides, and this weekend is the Equinox (yay!)

Time to wrap up Tempus Fugit; I did sell 2 of my little Valentine quilts, one of which I showed here before, but here's the other one:

I really love them, and will be doing a few more!

What's coming up now? Well, the past week and a half I've had Dear Daughter home from college for Spring Break, so we've been playing around with sparkly things. We've been looking at houses....yep, the Wallace family is planning on buying a home, and making the last move of our lives! Ana said to me just last night, that I had moved alot in my life. Yep, I really have....12 times already. Geographically not so far, but moving is stressful no matter the distance. But with this move, it will be our last; no more renting!

Of course, the differences between my hubby and I are coming to the forefront in a big way. What he terms "comfort" and where I can imagine living in my twilight years are not necessarily the same! You can never find your dream house in your price range, in the neighborhood you want, but you can come pretty close! Daughter and I have settled on a choice, but hubby is still searching, not really expecting to find that dream home, but trying to be sure he doesn't miss anything.

But in the midst of this, I am preparing to sing "The Seven Last Words of Christ" in church next week (Wednesday, March 24th at 7pm if you'd like to come!) and I need to get busy making more new work for a solo exhibit here on campus, in the Mowry Alumni Center; that will open in May, and should run for a couple months!