Tuesday, March 23, 2010

A House, a Home!

We are in contract! We will have a house soon!

Hubby & I have been together 27 years, living together 25, renting all that time. But no more! We are in contract for a sweet house here in town!

It is set up with a space on the first floor so that in the event his dad comes to live with us, the only accommodation we'll need to make it switching out a tub for a shower, and perhaps a little ramp to the back door.

Sweet picket fencing, and can you see, there are TWO garages!! One for 2 cars, and another BIG one, can you say workshop?? That one is heated for comfort in the winter. These face the alley out back.

When hubby & I went on the 3rd look-at, we took daughter along, too. It was nice, because the 4 feet of snow had finally melted and we could actually see what lay beneath. In the back, there is a curious hill of earth, which Ana & I quickly dubbed the ancient burial mound, but which apparently had a water feature at one point, and now is extra dirt to use. Ana & I found an awesome stele of stone at the nursery store, with a cleft in it for water to gurgle down. Perfect, we'll create our own henge!

There is a lovely landing at the top of the stairs; that door leads to a balcony!

I can't wait to make this our own, make it into a home!

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