Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Spreading the word about ReCycling, RePurposing!

Oooo, I have a group of Home Ec teachers and students planning a Studio Visit to see what I do! I feel so semi-professional.....of course you realize, this means I must straighten up and get prepared!

I've offered to take them thru my "process".....I'll show them my pile of thrift shop finds, how I prepare them for re-purposing, layout and cutting out my patterns, and show them some finished samples. Then take them all to the big Goodwill store so they can plan their own!! Yay! spreading the word about re-cycling!

I feel like a real, downtown designer!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Spoke too soon!

I should have known I'd jinx myself on Monday! Not only has it rained for 2 days, now it's supposed to snow like the dickens tonight!

Well, here is the new tunic top I finished Monday; I made myself a longer version to wear as a dress.

Monday, March 7, 2011

In like a March Lion...

for Weeks now I've felt as though I didn't even have the will to live; bleak, grey days, dark so early, cold, snowy, wet....I was uninspired and disgusted at myself for not having an ounce of initiative!

But it's a new month, and while it's cold, the rains have finally stopped and the sun came out today. I have the day off, and have spent a bit of time in the art barn...yay!

This is what I've worked on today:

Cut out a black & white toile knit dress for myself, to coordinate with a cute linen jacket I got at the thrift-dress is 1/2 sewn together!

Cut out a black & white toile knit top to sell-finished it, too!

Used the scraps to cut circles for yo-yo's...I want to make a cute coordinating pin to wear, and it's just as easy to cut alot as it is to cut 1

Sewed up some new Ghost Bunnies and Ghost Kitties in white, since Easter is on its way

I did buy some good fiberfill yesterday; I had a nice bag of it, but unfortunately, it wouldn't stay in the little ears and arms! It was Soooo soft, Soooo un-clumpy. However, when you're stuffing creatures, you need a certain degree of "clump"!

Anyway, I intend to cuddle up on the couch this evening with my decidedly UN-ghost-like Snapple and stuff up some new stuffies!