Monday, March 7, 2011

In like a March Lion...

for Weeks now I've felt as though I didn't even have the will to live; bleak, grey days, dark so early, cold, snowy, wet....I was uninspired and disgusted at myself for not having an ounce of initiative!

But it's a new month, and while it's cold, the rains have finally stopped and the sun came out today. I have the day off, and have spent a bit of time in the art barn...yay!

This is what I've worked on today:

Cut out a black & white toile knit dress for myself, to coordinate with a cute linen jacket I got at the thrift-dress is 1/2 sewn together!

Cut out a black & white toile knit top to sell-finished it, too!

Used the scraps to cut circles for yo-yo's...I want to make a cute coordinating pin to wear, and it's just as easy to cut alot as it is to cut 1

Sewed up some new Ghost Bunnies and Ghost Kitties in white, since Easter is on its way

I did buy some good fiberfill yesterday; I had a nice bag of it, but unfortunately, it wouldn't stay in the little ears and arms! It was Soooo soft, Soooo un-clumpy. However, when you're stuffing creatures, you need a certain degree of "clump"!

Anyway, I intend to cuddle up on the couch this evening with my decidedly UN-ghost-like Snapple and stuff up some new stuffies!


Carolyn | A Beautiful Ripple Effect said...

That sounds wonderful - so grateful for the new month, a reminder that it's a new chapter :)! Wishing you a beautiful march!

knitting-cat said...

You could live here where grey is going to last for another 2 months or so!

Glad you see you are out of your funk.