Thursday, April 22, 2010

Finished Work

I have finished quilting the 5 new pieces for my upcoming show on campus; I wish they were larger, I did a mental count of the number of pieces it will take to fill the space, and I'm a little concerned, but it is what it is!

Since I sold 2 of the "valentines" in February, I made 2 more to bring the set to 3. Here is Burning Love and Stuck on You. More anatomical drawings from the 19th century; Stuck on You actually shows the pins used to hold back the sac around the heart....kinda creepy, right??! I just had to enhance it with some fine T-pins I was storing.

Now I just need to finish painting the living room in the new house...I got it all taped off last night, and painted 1 wall, but I have to rehearse this evening for an upcoming gig, so no painting til tomorrow.

And I need to design/cut out/sew/deliver an entire new line of recycled clothing by next Saturday for the Gallery Hop in Columbus.

And I need to have my head examined!

Monday, April 19, 2010

We have a home!

Super busy week here, but the bottom line....we have a home! Hubby signed a million papers Wednesday, and we have the keys to our new house!

Friday night we had a romantic dinner for two: lawnchairs in the kitchen, eating Wendy's and sharing a miniature, teeny little bottle of Prosecco in paper cups. We looked in every cupboard and turned on all the lights, checked it all out. Took my parents through everything this week. Hubby mowed the lawn today (which meant buying a new push lawn mower, as the monster cub cadet not only won't fit through the garden gate, it's just way too big!)

Sunday my mom & I drove up to Wooster to visit my daughter, and she gave me this lovely painting:

She said that with the closing, and after seeing my little quilt with the Piran houses on it, she was inspired. I love it; I'm looking for a frame now, because I think it will be the first thing I hang on the walls!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Murder and Mayhem

It's a beautiful day, sunny, breezy, totally comfortable weather! I've not done much but vegetate!

However I did manage to lay out another piece of work, ready to take to the sewing machine for the other half of the magic. This will be called "A Murder of Crows" and it is a very literal interpretation of a photo my friend Lydia took and generously allowed me to use!

After the quilting is done, it will have more details of tree limbs; many of the crows are resting on bare, spindly branches above the leaf line, and I'll add those with stitching.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

New Month, New Work

It's Spring! I am so glad, you have no idea!

If all goes well, we will close on our house in less than 2 weeks! I drove down the street Saturday, and just smiled!

I'm working again, for an upcoming show here on campus. The Mowry Alumni Center has a gallery space that we use for OWU alumni to show their work, and my boss asked me to share mine! Here are 2 new pieces I just laid out, ready to machine quilt and bind.

The first is from a photograph my friend Lydia took when she made her pilgrimage to Slovenia, it is in the city of Piran. I loved the colors of the homes, and the simplicity of the image.

The second is from my trip to Italy. When we were in Tuscany, it really was as beautiful as all the photos and paintings you see. After an ill-advised bike ride through Florence, my daughter and I spent the rest of the day sitting on the steps of the Uffuzi, watching a Japanese couple get married, seeing the tourists, and I purchased some lovely little watercolors from a street artist. That's a copy of his painting in the middle. It so reminded me of the lovely hotel we stayed in for 2 nights, in the countryside.