Thursday, April 22, 2010

Finished Work

I have finished quilting the 5 new pieces for my upcoming show on campus; I wish they were larger, I did a mental count of the number of pieces it will take to fill the space, and I'm a little concerned, but it is what it is!

Since I sold 2 of the "valentines" in February, I made 2 more to bring the set to 3. Here is Burning Love and Stuck on You. More anatomical drawings from the 19th century; Stuck on You actually shows the pins used to hold back the sac around the heart....kinda creepy, right??! I just had to enhance it with some fine T-pins I was storing.

Now I just need to finish painting the living room in the new house...I got it all taped off last night, and painted 1 wall, but I have to rehearse this evening for an upcoming gig, so no painting til tomorrow.

And I need to design/cut out/sew/deliver an entire new line of recycled clothing by next Saturday for the Gallery Hop in Columbus.

And I need to have my head examined!

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