Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Yep, it's my gray hair!

with a sassy fringe of purple bangs.....that's all my natural color (or lack of it) finally, after getting it trimmed for the past 4 months. It took me 2 months to accept myself in the mirror, but now I'm loving it, so much less upkeep, no disparaging looks when I let the roots go untouched for too long, it's just hair! and if i want to add a pop of color, no bleaching first!

Friday, August 26, 2011

It can't be the end of the summer yet!

There are SOOoooo many projects and trips and books and movies I haven't caught up with.

Tomorrow, I take dear daughter back to college for her Senior! Incredible how quickly it's gone, and how much she's accomplished so far.

She did help me paint another room in the new house (can I still call it new after the first year?) A lovely blue, "Aqua Spray", and I'm still putting final touches on the decor, but I already think the room looks larger, more open and airy.

So many entries creeping their way in to my fall calendar now; receptions and meetings and work, musical events of my own and my friends. Lots and lots of Art Barn activity on the agenda, too: must create new art quilts for my upcoming exhibit in Newark; must create the fall Red Panty clothes...I think we'll aim to do the live mannequins in the window again, on a Gallery Hop night. It was a lot of fun in July!

Must keep up with the exercise, since it really helped get me in better shape over the summer. Although, I won't be hiking in boots and backpack in sweltering heat anymore. All that digging and sifting with Dear Daughter did help me lose a bit of weight, though; I've got to take in nearly every pair of pants and shorts I own. I've walked to work a few days already, but unfortunately, I have to carry extra clothes, as I do not arrive as fresh as I'd like.

Must create a new Equestrian shirt for Dear Daughter, for her final year of riding. More sparkles, I think. Maybe with a touch of the Wooster plaid.

Looking for a good bruschetta recipe to use up the bumper crop of Roma tomatoes I've got....planted them in topsoil bags, and they've been staked and double-staked, and are still falling over, they're so laden with goodness! Sadly, the basil-flavored olive oil I put up MOLDED over. So had to dump it....and I've used nearly every drop that I made last year....maybe I'll do pesto with the rest of my basil, and freeze it. I love the summery taste!

And still trying to keep up with family and friends who deserve more attention than I've been giving them lately....I need to make more lists (there's that OCD again!)