Monday, June 6, 2011

Bugs, dirt and Chert!

or...How I spent my summer vacation!! Helping dear daughter with her approved excavation at a Metro Park!

Last week we spend 3 days hiking to and from the site, doing soil probes, sticking little orange flags in the ground at promising places.

Today, one of the park rangers gave us a lift in the pickup, helping get our equipment VERY close to the site! We still had to slog it over extremely wooded terrain, til I nearly thought I should just give up! But we're starting at an interior point, and we got the 2-meter square pegged, cleared, and started digging!! Well, scraping, really! and guess what?? We've already found artifacts! Yes!!!

Little flakes of chert, commonly called flint, that show signs of being worked! Here's Ana bagging & tagging her first find! Check out the close up photos over on HER blog, Ana's Geoarchaeology Journey!

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Shelly said...

Such an exciting project! I'd love to hear more about it sometime. My 10 year old LOVES anything having to do with archaeology and history...