Friday, May 13, 2011

Careful what you wish for!

....because you might get it with a vengeance! Was it a mere 7 days ago I was bemoaning the constant rain? Now what do we have....muggy, super warm, no relieving rain yet! Oh well!

On the other hand, I HAVE received blessings on the financial side! I made another sale on Etsy, and completed a commissioned Red Panty top, too! My ebay selling has stayed solid, and my spirits are up, hoping to avoid the greeter job at Walmart!

I'm inspired to work again in the Art Barn, making more Red Panty tops for both the Etsy shop and Go Figure Consignment in the Short North. Sherrie and I have an appointment set to talk about another Fashion Show....we need a bigger Venue! and that's the tough part.

I've found some fun skirts at the thrift recently and can't wait to rip 'em apart for something new.

What are YOU having fun with?

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