Friday, May 6, 2011

Working for a living

ugh, after a lovely Thursday, and a promising start to today, it's raining again! It could definitely be worse; there are so many counties under flood watches and warnings, and I'm dry for the moment!

This month is starting off well; I'll be working every single day for the next 2 weeks, which means extra hours in the paycheck before the museum closes for the summer and I start to panic about how I'm going to pay my bills. I think I will have enough to pay my bills through June without having to start a summer job!

On the plus side, my ebay sales are improving: I find the more items I have listed at a time, the better I usually sell. Also, I started raising my prices a bit last month, and do you know, I think I'm selling more? Maybe it is all about perceived value; I've heard craftsmen selling at festivals say that when they raise prices, they sometimes sell more. If something is priced too low, people think it must be subpar.

Also, I sold a Red Panty top yesterday on Etsy; I feel giddy with happiness! I think my clothing are a hard on-line sell; they are all so individual, so unique, and half the pleasure comes in trying them on and seeing how they feel on your own body. So for some in Maine to take a leap of faith and purchase one of my tops really makes me feel great and nervous at the same time. Hoping they like it when it arrives!

In honor of the rain, I snapped some pics of the retaining wall behind the museum; the moss and lichen fairly glow in the drizzle, and I just think it so beautiful!

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