Friday, July 22, 2011

Live Mannequins wear Red Panties!

Because it's so HOT outside and so super COOL at Go Figure!

Last night was a Block Party for the businesses in the Short North between 1st & 2nd, and I worked hard to deliver a dozen new pieces to Sherri. We asked some of our beautiful friends to model, and although the original plan was to have them strut their stuff down the sidewalk and visit the other businesses, it was just too unbearable outside. So, out popped the window displays and up popped our live mannequins! They were adorable!

Lots of friends stopped by, including my Mom showing off her very own Red Panty creation (Christmas gift). Sherri & I would definitely like to do the window models again; the passers-by were delighted! As were the bus riders as they stopped at the light!

You can check out a couple very short Videos on the Red Panty Designs page on Facebook, or down this blog, through my Flickr page!

I'm hoping to take a breath or two now, before I start the next couple of projects I'd like to work on, before the Museum opens again in August (which is only about a week away, what's up with that??)

I've also been doing a little more personal, spiritual, preparation...trying to stay positive, thankful, humble, open, grateful, awestruck, and working on being more giving, forgiving, forthcoming and generous in every way. Those of you who know me personally know what a tall order that is for me, because I am not normally a nice person! But hey, change happens every day!

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