Sunday, June 3, 2012

a little Red Panty for me!

Lately all the Red Panty clothing has been for the shop...even the pieces I made for myself have sold! I did manage to "steal" one away, then promptly got grease on it, so it's ruined, drats!

But last week, I finally had some time to myself, and dug thru my box of thrift store finds for some cool fabrics that spoke to me! Tried out a new style for summer, and now I've got 2 new pieces for me!

I started with a Coldwater Creek linen wrap skirt, in a medium, ha! Green linen with wonderful dark pink roses in a faded out print. Almost despaired of finding something to pair with it, then, Voila! A Chico's linen shirt, also a medium, ha ha, but put them together and I have something great!

I actually tested the fit out on another top for me, from a black printed jumper, not shown here, but it's fun for summer. Straps to allow me to wear a proper bra, because no one wants me without one! Me either, though!

The pink & green number is nearly a dress, although I usually wear shorts or leggings under even in the summer: hate to chafe!

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Trista Hill said...

The finished product is WAY better than the originals! Just beautiful.