Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Book Review: Altered Art for the first time!

In my quest to explore craftiness in all its variety, I came across this book, Altered Art for the first time, by Madeline Arendt. Published by Sterling, ISBN 1-4027-1655-9, I gave it to my teenager, who loves to collage and create keepsakes for her friend. So much better than the ordinary scrapbook!

I especially love the suggestion to use children's board books, which come is cool shapes and sizes. They take paint really well, and some have windows already cut into them. Ana used a teeny little book to create a sweet little spiritual book which sits along with our icons and saints.

There are lots of projects, and the author shows you how to alter more than books: gum tins, matchboxes, even playing cards! The color photos throughout are great for jump-starting ideas, even if you don't think you'll do the exact projects! And it's a perfect book to use to finish up last minute gifts for the holidays!

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faerie enchantment said...

I have this book, its great!
Magic and Joy!