Monday, November 17, 2008

Red Panty Party Clothes - Recycled, Refashioned!

I decided I would like to add some pretty party tops to my Red Panty Clothing line this holiday season. I found a divine J Jill velvet skirt at Goodwill, in a yummy chocolate brown with pretty embroidered flowers on the front. I also had a J Jill brown corduroy dress from an earlier thrift shop foray. Both were in obnoxiously small sizes, so I cut them up, and re-fashioned them into a swirly, girly top that I am calling "Mocha Velvet Party top". What do you think?

I also had a yard of pretty paisley fabric, in purple, dark green, black, with sequins on it. I used a mens deep green corduroy shirt and made this sweet little number.

I plan on making several more party tops, because real-sized women like to be festive for the holidays, too!! This is me, with my wonderful new PLUS sized mannequin, it is so much better for modelling my clothing. My darling husband got it for me on Ebay for our anniversary; better than a vacumn cleaner!

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