Friday, March 7, 2008

Snowy Day!

Well, they've called for early dismissal of the High School, and there's a Level 1 snow emergency for my county. I'm sitting here at work, and of course no one has come in today, they are sensibly staying in out of the cold! I will be leaving shortly to pick up my daughter, and the second assistant who was due at 1pm is still on his way, poor guy; if it had timed out differently, I would have told him not to bother, and just closed early. And of course, tonight is First Friday in downtown, where all the merchants stay open til 9pm, and the museum is taking part for the first time! But I think I will call the student gallery sitter, and tell her to stay in her dorm; mostly because I don't want to have to come back this evening to set the alarms!

These photos are from about Noon; it's still snowing! They are calling for up to 14 inches!

update: Yep, the University closed at know it must be really bad, they hate to do that! I got my daughter from school, and just dropped her off at work, which is across the street. Now if only the gig I've got tonight would reschedule, I'd be set! It's 20 minutes on a good day, up a really steep hill...great for sledding!

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Joe said...

Oy, you guys are getting tons of snow as well? We're supposed to get close to 50 cm - that's... 1 ft 8 in - over tonight and tomorrow. Grr. I'm about done with winter now lol

So you work in a museum? I studied Art History, and used to work at the National Gallery (Ottawa Canada) too :) What do you do? Sounds like you own it, or have some authority? What kind of art do you have? Any specialty? :)