Friday, March 14, 2008

Big Bag KAL progress!

So I have started my Big Bag for the KAL and Swap!! My swappee likes red and blue, and I didn't have any wool in the house suitable, poor me! So I just HAD to go to the LYS Monday, and spent aLOT of money (well, they were having a sale, so I got some stuff for me, and I had to get the Norah Gaughan books 1 & 2, and...)

Anyway, I changed up the stripes pattern a bit, of course that's making counting the rows a challenge [I apparently need a row counter, hint, hint! Any old cheapie one would do!]

That is a 6" aluminum ruler lying on the bag, by the is HUGE!! Using Cascade 220, a 10.5 needle produced a gauge that was just too tight. It felts better if there is a bit of play in the knitting, so I went up to the next size I had on hand, which was a 15 needle. Anyway, it should felt just fine!

I didn't want this to end up too "red, white and blue" patriotic, though, so I remembered these cute little felt flowers. I've got red and light blue, and I'm going to sew them onto the dots after the felting is done, probably with little buttons, or possibly beads.

I think it will be lovely, and I'm about 20 rows from the end, yea!!

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