Thursday, March 6, 2008

Knitted Kitty!

I signed up for the Ravelry Knitted Kitty swap; of course, I didn't completely understand the instructions. Apparently you sign up indefinately to knit and swap a kitty each and every month!! Luckily, they are small and easy to whip up, otherwise I would be doomed to disappoint someone at some time.

So, here is my first little kitty that I shall mail out tomorrow morning:

Her name is Lucy the Jellicle Cat. I had a lovely rescued jellicle, Tipper, from 9/11/01 (yep, THAT 9/11) until 9/11/05, when she passed away. She was truly a jellicle, for they are rather small, black and white, and like to caterwaul at the moon in the middle of the night! So this little knitted kitty reminds me of Tipper, but of course she is a bit smaller, and not nearly as vocal! I won't tell you who I'm sending it to, but I hope she likes it!

Part of the swap is to include a Birth Certificate with a name and date of birth for your kitty, which I printed up on some nice document paper I had. That was as much fun as knitting the kitty!


Joe said...

haha, thanks! I noticed after the fact that a lot of people actually had purples and greens in their loathed colours ;-)

Thanks for the good luck - so far so good, as long as I keep sitting. Thank god for knitting right now :P

Btw, that kitten is really cute ^_^

kasiaiscarly said...

holy cow! that's quite the swap commit to go on indefinitely!