Saturday, March 22, 2008

Lucey's Maze: the Acoustic Ladies!

Last night the three ladies from Lucey's Maze played at Espresso Yourself Music Cafe in Powell, Ohio. It's sort of an acoustic version of the group, in that there's no electric guitar, no drums or bass. But we do still use the electric piano, and a pick-up on the harp, and microphones!! Anyway, it's a lovely combo; we still do the original songs that Michelle (center, keyboards) wrote, but it's lighter, more delicate, and you can really hear all the wonderful passages coming from the harp!! (Trista, on the left)

That's me on the right, adding some quiet harmony to Michelle's haunting lyrics.

Stop by the Espresso cafe in Powell sometime; it's a great place, and you might see me there!

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Anonymous said...

I'm nowhere near Ohio so can't come out to see you play, but it looks like fun!

How's your Big Bag? Have you felted it yet? Although I've been knitting for a while, I just started felting this year. I love the whole process and pull my stuff out of the washing machine far too often just to see what's happening!