Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Clothing for Real Women!

Maybe you have been wondering what has kept me too busy to blog lately? Well, I am furiously working on my "spring collection" of clothing!

They are original, one of a kind pieces made from recycled clothing I find at thrift shops, vintage tablecloths, vintage fabrics, and a little bit of new fabrics. I love thrift shopping, but it always upsets me when I find really gorgeous linen shirts or pants from great makers in size 4, size 6, size small....I am not a small!!

So, I decided, I really love this fabric, why not treat it as such?? So, last summer as an experiment, a gallery owner here in town featured a small 16 piece collection of my clothing, tops and dresses. She sold out of the tops in a week!! This May, we have an arts festival, and I am determined to do even better...I currently have 22 tops alone cut out, and many dresses.

I piece together the fabric from the recycled clothes, and try to keep some of the fun details like shell buttons, pockets, nice deep hems, whatever. The bonus is, the sizing is rather free, but it starts at a plus size 1X, which means whatever doesn't sell, goes straight into my closet!

The labels and hangtags tell it all: Red Panty Designs! because it takes a strong, confident woman to wear red panties, and I am nothing if not confident!

Some of the other fabrics I use are those wonderful block printed or batik bedspreads you get in hippie stores, you know the ones! I love those fabrics, and I like the feeling of a swirly top or dress!

I name all my pieces, and I can tell you pretty much on each piece, "this was a J Jill skirt and an Chico's blouse", or "this was a vintage tablecloth". It's a lot of fun, and the women who have bought a top or dress have told me how great they feel and how many compliments they get when they wear a Red Panty Design. So, that's my current project, and I'm working hard!

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