Tuesday, April 15, 2008

I got my Big Bag swap today!!

Oooo, and it's so Pretty!! My bag was knit by Elizabeth! The colors are PERfect, and there were such wonderful goodies! There was a beautiful piece of batik fabric, Elizabeth says it was dyed by a local artist, AND Elizabeth herself dyed the lovely yarn hanks!! Very impressive! There was divine tea, and thankfully some row counters (I definately need those!) as well as a book that looks good and spooky. A bar of Dagoba chocolate with Lavender in it (I absolutely adore that brand!) and some Eucolan wash topped it off! What a great swap, I have to say this one was easily my very favorite! Thank you thank you Thank you Elizabeth! To check out all the cool bags that are being swapped, go to the Big Bag Kal Swap!

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