Monday, April 7, 2008

New Tattoos, new projects!

Over the weekend my lovely daughter got her very first tattoo! It is a pueblo american rendition of an owl, which is her spirit animal. She is going to start college in the fall, in the archaeology program. Several summers ago, she went to an archaeological field school in Colorado, where they got to dig in actual ancient pueblo sites, and work in the lab with artifacts, and it was then that she found her spirit animal. In support, I will get the same ink myself, as soon as I have the $$

At the museum, we are finally dismantling the 3 shows we've had up since February, and are prepping things for the Senior Fine Art Majors exhibit, which opens in 2 weeks. In the meantime, the director and myself are travelling to Chicago for the Spring Board Meeting of the museum. Aforementioned daughter and I are driving, as well as my parents in their own car, and we're going to make a mini-vacation of it, visiting the Frank Lloyd Wright houses, and in general shopping and sight-seeing!

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