Thursday, April 24, 2008

Boobalicious Tank from Big Girl Knits is FINISHED!

And I am so glad! After all the knitting, ripping out, knitting, ripping out, trying to figure out the's finished!!

I had even gone down a size when I knit, but I think the pattern is rather generous, plus the cotton yarn is heavy.

It doesn't look too bad, although, I sewed it up as knitted, and well, it was a big Looonngg and droopy. Plus, there were these weird poochy things under the arms. I guess I'm not quite as well endowed as the target knitter!

So, I attacked it with my sewing machine and serger, and the end result it something I can wear.

I would like to make this again, but I will definately not use the increases at the underarms. I would also taper the straps with more decreases, because by the time I'd taken more than 3" off, they were a bit wide!

Look at all the knitting that I cut off!

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