Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Lots of knitting and sewing!

It's been a busy, productive time here lately....I've knitted and re-knitted several sweaters, a pair of socks and a shrug. I've sewn 7 (that's right, SEVEN) tops this past weekend for me and my daughter! I've had my dear friend Phyllis visiting from New York and shopped like a crazy woman!

I finished this lovely sweater from some MCY yarn, and still have 2 skeins left, so I'm trying to decide what else to make. It only took 1.5 skeins for this sweater, the Organic Tee pattern I bought on Etsy. I also frogged the first sweater I made in this pattern and re-knit it 2 sizes smaller.

I tried out this cute pattern, but after the first test, decided the pattern makers were insane to ask you to HAND sew all these pleats around the front neckline, in a knit fabric, no less. Maybe the gold paint on the fabric made it so difficult, but I just don't see the point in handsewing them on a knit. So I re-cut it to take elastic, and made 6 more over the weekend. Here's a few of them!

I also had some cotton voile I bought in Brooklyn, I added side seam slits at the hemline to make up for the fact that it doesn't stretch like knit. I made my daughter the white T with owls, plus a Pink shirt with smaller, more numerous owls. For myself, I had some lovely knit in white with Lavendar TOILE (I love toile!), and I made another T in black ponte with teeny skulls and tiny pink cupcakes all over. Lots of fun! I think I'd like to try elongating it into a cute little dress, too!