Sunday, June 6, 2010

Art Barn - the disaster site

Well the move is complete....we are totally moved in to the new house, nothing remains at the old place (except some lovely herbs and some brick pavers). The new place gets homier every the end of each day, we proudly point out to each other the boxes we've emptied, the pictures we've hung, the new plants we've nestled into their beds. Soon, very soon, it will be our HOME!

The Art Barn, well, that's another matter! As the final days approached and we were desperate to be finished, boxes and bags and items which we just couldn't make a decision on (keep, toss, donate, sell?) were all tossed into the barn. MY barn! and so Ana & I made the brave first step last week, to try to clean-sweep and make some headway.

Here is the Barn immediately after the move....Ana is standing near the side door, in the only free space available. Mountains of rubbermaid tubs, plastic bags, furniture that had to be emptied pre-move, and the boxes of contents that came from within. Plus knocked-down shelving units, the barbecue grill, a completely over-the-top wheelchair ramp that came from the University....we need to put a small ramp off the back porch for Ron's dad Floyd, who uses a walker, and the university was going to trash a ramp, so the B&G guys dropped it off.....14 feet long, 48" wide, built to carry a rhino! Serious overkill for our needs! so THAT'S got to go!

Ana & I managed to carve out a tiny workspace for each of us, and I've put together 3 shelving units....a bit rickity, we'll have to move them around again before we're finished, but it gets some of the clutter out of the way. We've moved bookcases around and filled them back up, creating a nice pile of empty totebags, "borrowed" post office carriers and some empty boxes....I can see a teeny bit of headway!

Yesterday I actually got the Bernina plugged in and turned on....yay! At this point I can at least do some work while we chip away at the big pile of belongings. I dropped off another 2 bags to Goodwill this morning on my way to work, and we'll continue to rid ourselves of this baggage, I'm sure. It can't possibly be healthy to cling to so many objects. But I do look forward to the day when my friends and I can gather in the barn, to create and collaborate!