Thursday, June 19, 2008

My Spring '08 Collection!

Well, this May I created a Spring collection of clothing! It all started last August, when I made about 15 tops and dresses and placed them in a local gallery here. We had a lovely little opening, then I promptly went on vacation. When I returned, I found out that the tops had sold out! So this time, I completed 50 items, and the gallery had them for the local Arts festival. I had a preview party at my home, and sold 4 tops then!

It started as an idea in the back of my head, because I'm a chronic thrift shopper. I kept seeing these lovely linen clothes, by great labels, and they were all too small for me. So eventually, I bit the bullet and did it: I took a pile of thrift shop finds, tore them apart, and used my own pattern to cut out something new. They do attract a lot of postive comments, and the best part is they are ONLY for plus sizes; skinny people have enough choices already!! I get such a kick out of taking a size 4 skirt and making a top or dress for my size 20 body!!

Anyway, a photographer friend is helping me take some photos of the clothing. Our first attempt was just to get an idea of what I want, and we've realized we'll have to use proper lighting, but I wanted to brag a little!

The Black and Tan top is a re-make of a Jumper and a Shirt. The front button placket has been rotated to go across the right chest horizontally. The Green and Yellow top uses a piece of vintage linen, plus 2 more shirts. The green part was this fabulous Talbot's jacket with pockets on either side of the button up front; I used the whole front!

I really love to watch women try these tops on; when they find the right one, you can just tell they feel pretty, comfortable, and very special!

I sew in my special Red Panty Designs label, and use cute hang tags that match. Each top gets a special name; the black & tan is called Espresso Yourself.

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Elisabeth said...

WOW! I love the refashioning you do. I am so jealous of your talent. Also jealous of the mother and daughter tattoos. And jealous of your haircut plus the fact that you are a curator. My oh my, jealous me! Seriously, I will be lurkin' about coveting your creative self.

Happy July!