Sunday, May 3, 2009

Go Figure Consignment Grand Opening!

My friend Julia and I went to the Grand Opening party at Go Figure last night, during the Gallery Hop in Columbus. (for those of you not familiar, the Short North area of Columbus [read trendy] has a gallery hop on the first Saturday of each month)

The weather was perfect, cool and dry, not a cloud in the sky! There were musicians playing on the sidewalks and parking lots every 50 ft, everyone was in a great mood.

Julia (that's her on the far right, the pretty blonde in the Black shirt) and I ate at Surly Girl first, then wandered down to Go Figure Consignment shop to join the crowd there. I was excited to see my clothing featured, and the lovely Sherri (that's Sherri in the middle of the last photo, in the pretty Pink shirt) was working the crowd, plying us with wine. Her husband and friends were so nice, it was such a pleasure to meet everyone!

I liked how Sherri hung the Red Panty clothing way up high; they looked so pretty up there I had to take a photo!

Don't forget, the new collection will premier May 16th in Delaware!


knitting-cat said...

Exciting!! I am so happy for you!

rochambeau said...

I share in your joy! It's fantastic that you have your clothing featured at such a cool shop like Go Figure!