Saturday, January 2, 2010

the Last of 2009!

Ack! a New Year! well, I need to finish off 2009 before I look ahead....

I knitted 2 owls for my daughter for Christmas, from a very cute pattern. The Brown Owl was 2 strands held together, one a heathery wool, and the other an orange-ish alpaca, and the white owl was Cascade 220, with white angora in the head, wings and tail (because there wasn't enough for the whole body) When I felted them in the washer, the brown owl got covered with the little white flecks, and the ladies I knit with thought that was part of his charm, like he'd been hiding in a barn somewhere, so I left them! His eyes are felt and buttons, and the white owl has plastic toy eyes. I love their feet; the little talons! The pattern was very easy!

then I decided to try a new owl mitten pattern, so I came up with this one. When I started knitting, though, I had to subtract some stitches since the variegated background is worsted weight rather than the DK I normally use. Almost done!


Anonymous said...

cute owls...Hope 2010 is a great year.

Trista Hill said...

SO cute, as always! I love the way the orange and white owls turned out, and the background color in the mittens is boo-tiful. You're awesome.