Monday, February 1, 2010

Tempus Fuggeddaboudit!

Well, I definitely jinxed myself by selecting a title for my exhibit so far in advance!

I play with fabrics and layouts and images and threads, and I find myself trying too hard! By that, I mean, I am too self-conscious of myself while I'm creating work, thinking, "oh, how does that work with the theme, what will people say, will they like it". I don't know how anyone else works, but for myself, my best seems to come out precisely when I STOP worrying about these things, and just start enjoying what happens.

I'm sticking with the title, because it's a good one, but I'm trying NOT to think about it while I work. I'm slipping into this pretentious, artsy-fartsy thought pattern, and that is so not me, not ever! I thought up Red Panty Avenger, for pete's sake!!

Anyway, here are a couple of pieces that ARE finished, for your enjoyment!:


Jasmine said...

Love your pieces. I keep feeling like i want to open a shop (etsy0 and sell things, or enter for exhiitions, and then i instantly start dsouting myself and the quality of my work. When i work just for fun, i always love the results. We do put pressure on ourselves don't we? Good luck with the exhibition.

Trista Hill said...

I got the card in the mail today from the gallery for the exhibition -- it's official and exciting and so YOU!!

jonaks said...

wow these are gorgeous!