Wednesday, January 19, 2011

I do love to sew!

I love my studio barn, I love turning up my awesome stereo REALLY LOUD and singing along while I sew!

I have been saving a green velvet skirt and a J Jill matching top & skirt in a floral print, and finally put together a new pattern for them! It's a raglan sleeve top, longer in the back.

I tested the pattern first with a burgundy J Jill dress and some nice black pontelle rib turned out really cute, but it was about a size too large on me, I looked like I was swimming in it. Soooooo.....

I recut the pattern in a smaller size, as well as 1 size larger (for ALL my Red Panty ladies!) and used my special fabrics, and....voila! I love this top! I cut the sleeves alot shorter, because I prefer the 3/4 length, rather than the long sleeves, used the non-stretch velvet for the front & back, and the knit J Jill skirt for the sleeves. The size XS was just enough; I used the back of the top for the knit side panels, since the teeny velvet skirt wasn't quite big enough.

Anyway, I plan on whipping a few of these mid-winter tops up, and getting them to Go Figure Consignment in the Short North very soon!


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very cute!!

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Looks great! WOW