Friday, January 13, 2012

Super Couponing

Dear Daughter and I have watched just about all the reality shows in the weeks that she's been on break, and one of our favs has been Extreme Couponing. I'm still not sure exactly how they manage to do it, but DD & I have decided to really give it a try, and see what we can do.

Yesterday, we went to CVS & Kroger's, armed with DD's research and packets of coupons. At CVS, we stocked up on some laundry detergent, personal and beauty items. After the store discounts, store coupon and manufacturer's coupon, we saved 50% PLUS got a $10 CVS card! At Kroger's we stocked up on personal items, some pasta, cleaning stuff, and saved 42% after all the store sale prices, e-coupons loaded on my Kroger's card, manufacturer's coupons, plus bonus savings.

It's not the stunning 90-99% savings they get on TV, but way better than I would normally do! I'm hoping to do even better each time; we would have done better at Krogers, but we missed some fine print; if we had broken up our purchases into 2 transactions, we'd have saved another $4.

Our goal is to get a nice stockpile going, so this summer when I'm off work from the museum, we'll be good!

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